Unleashing Winning Performance

Employees are your Athletes – unleash their winning performance Did you know that most resistance to change is unconscious and a biological function of the brain to actually burn fewer calories?   What we refer to as a habit is a coating the brain constructs around a repeatedly active neural pathway along with help from […]


Fresh Thinking About IT & Change Management

IT organizations have been hardwired from past experience to think in terms of a project paradigm. We prepare, we deploy, we complete, we move on.  Agile development and cloud computing are distorting that model as application vendors release new features multiple times per year. Customers once chose their deployment dates but Cloud computing has transferred that control to vendors. […]

digital transformation

Digital Transformation – What We Miss

Digital transformation is the latest holy grail of organizational change. Change is not new but unlike past changes, there is a key difference; In the past, projects would automate familiar workflows with some level of process enhancement. Employees affected by those changes had to learn a new system with a minor adjustment to the way […]