Organizations are taking advantage of Fivel's video production service to exploit the use of short, high-quality videos for their own internal or external use.

Videos are the most effective way to communicate important information to employees and customers. Video messaging is the way people consume information today. It offers an easily accessible way to reach people working in a hybrid environment and can be viewed and reviewed anywhere and anytime.

Executive Messaging

Traditionally, key messages to employees were communicated at annual or quarterly company meetings or through letters emailed to employees. Collaboration technology has advanced so that organizations are meeting in person less frequently. Getting a message out is important but having it stay top of mind is a challenge. Consider this scenario - "The CEO delivers the 4 top priorities for the upcoming year”. How many people in the organization will remember all of them one month later? Great leaders know that having employees aligned with the organizational goals is the path to success.

Fivel's executive videos use the most advanced practices to ensure messages are communicated and retained. New hires can hear the exact same message when they join the organization. Excerpts from the original video can be distributed anytime through the year to keep priorities top of mind.

"I love the interviews!! This video is the perfect way to introduce our new program."
President, Medical Confidence

Sales Messaging

How do you ensure that product (or service) benefits are consistently communicated by your sales staff? Short microlearning videos that distill the core values of your product are an efficient way to make that happen. New hires get the same benefit as current reps without distortion. The retention quizzes will increase your reps' ability to remember company messages to convey to customers.

New sales reps go through weeklong training sessions to familiarize themselves with product features and selling benefits. This creates information overload leads to very poor retention and delays their ramp-up time. Consider using a far more effective method of augmenting training with microlearning videos from Fivel. Using videos to introduce reps to what they’ll learn in instructor-led sessions will prime them to better understand the material presented to them. Want to boost this even further? Issue the same videos a week after the in-class sessions.

This is a sure way to get sales reps up to quota faster! New reps cost money until they become productive. Improving the learning and retention process shortens the gap.

"Great videos - a concise and time-efficient way to provide new material."
Manager, Organization Development

Customer Launch Messaging

How do you help customers to increase the successful launch of the products or services they purchased? Great projects underwhelm customers with poor user adoption. A short, high-impact video helps you and your customer to get users engaged in a shorter timeframe. Customers will clearly recognize the difference between you and your competitors.

Videos that highlight the value to customers, the company, and the employee create much better buy-in and motivation. For similar projects with other customers, a few simple edits enable you to reuse these videos over and over.

"Fantastic job on the video – I can’t wait to
take it on the road!"
Director Product Development, CloudMD

Affordable Pricing

You will be amazed at how affordable a video with quality images, graphics, and a professional voice-over can be. Contact us today to receive budgetary pricing.

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