A fast, effective, affordable way to onboard users with greater success.


Is Poor User Adoption Hurting Your Digital Transformation Project Outcomes?


Fivel's powerful, yet easy-to-implement digital adoption services makes that happen.

Your project success ultimately depends on effective employee engagement with the new tools or processes they're asked to adopt. Whether it's collaboration tools (Teams), protection against Ransomware or compliance certification, employee engagement is the last and most critical link in all projects.


User Portal

Our system is a purpose-built, cloud-based portal. It's designed for ease-of-use and simplicity. It incorporates a unique feature to update users of frequent changes/releases common with application software.


The system has a built-in, multi-step retention exercise function that dramatically improves memory recall and measures overall retention of any learned material.

Mobile Access

Our GetIT mobile app is a fast, convenient way to remember what you've learned. When you forget some details GetIT serves up quick prompts when you need it.


Unique gamification features reward users for their eagerness to complete their learning quickly. Early adopters are recognized as Change Leaders, boosting widespread user engagement.


We create 5-minute micro-learning videos using the latest learning research and science, enabling users to learn and retain new skills. Videos can be customized for your business needs.


Real-time reporting and analytics give unparalleled insight into employee progress. Track who has adopted your new program, and who needs additional support.

Success Manager

For simple projects we assign a personal Customer Success Manager to handles all the tasks to deliver a successful user adoption program

Change Management

For more complex projects we offer a full Change Management services including  change culture requirements, confirming objectives, and preparing your management team and employees.

Does user adoption underachieve your goal?

You’re not alone. Many clients complain about end-users resisting new technology. Adoption rates for tools like Microsoft Teams or OneDrive stall at 20-25%. Sound familiar?

Why do they resist?

  • Project teams see the critical value, end users don’t.
  • “Self-serve” portals work for 15% of employees but what of the other 85%?
  • Portals have a wide selection of content. Users can’t decide what’s relevant and abandon the site.
  • Deployment training is viewed as a one-time event but people adopt in gradual steps and need snippet refreshers over the following months to reinforce engagement.

How do we get to a 70% plus milestone?

  • Get employee buy-in. For SMBs, a 15-minute call with all managers. For Enterprises, a 2-minute Executive video by a Senior leader.
  • Staged release of specific product microlearning videos with follow-up quick quizzes.

How does Fivel help?

  • Deployment experience with Microsoft Teams, Voice, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
  • Fivel produces and distributes the Executive Video to all employees.
  • Fivel schedules and tracks the release of learning videos and retention quizzes to employees.
  • Fivel sends snippet reminder videos of extended features after initial engagement.
  • Fivel's solution is super effective, efficient, and economical.


Fivel's guide describes the science behind effective learning.  It steps you through the process of how employee engagement is best accomplished.

Sending people on site to conduct initial training was costly and inefficient.  With Fivel, we reduced our costs by 73% and reduced employee turnover.

David D - Sr Project Manager

Bringing in a supplier who had ready-made content, and full deployment services, enabled us to control costs and focus on our priorities.

Cynthia S - HR

The retention videos are a great way of reviewing the content presented in class. They're clear and easy to follow.

Mike A. - Recycling Stategist

Now that we can see who learned the applications, we've seen a 22% reduction in help desk calls, happier end-users, and stronger business benefits.

Jack B - CIO

I have never participated in programs that used short, concise videos and exercises to help me remember what I learned.  I really enjoyed the process.

Leigh S - End User

It was great. The video pulled out the key insights from what was a lot of information delivered over the first week of classes.

Dan K. - City Supervisor

I liked that the information was in short video segments so I could fit them into my busy schedule.  Being able to go directly to the info I need on my smartphone  is convenient.

Jeff M - End User


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