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Is Poor User Adoption Hurting Your Digital Transformation Project Outcomes?


Fivel's powerful, yet easy-to-implement digital adoption services makes that happen.
Your project success ultimately depends on effective employee engagement with the new tools or processes they're asked to adopt. Whether it's collaboration software, security protocols, or communication tools, employee engagement is the most critical link in all projects.


User Portal

Our system is a purpose-built, cloud-based portal designed for ease-of-use and simplicity. Users can track their progress and return any time to refresh their memory.


The system has a built-in, multi-step retention exercise function that dramatically improves memory recall and measures overall retention of any learned material.

Subscription Updates

Application vendors roll out new functionality enhancements multiple times per year. Our service tracks those updates and sends out information to users covering the scope of the change.


Unique gamification features reward users for their eagerness to complete their learning quickly. Early adopters are recognized as Change Leaders, boosting widespread user engagement.


We create 5-minute micro-learning videos using the latest learning research and science, enabling users to learn and retain new skills. Videos can be customized for your business needs.


Real-time reporting and analytics give unparalleled insight into employee progress. Track who has adopted your new program, and who needs additional support.

Success Manager

For simple projects we assign a personal Customer Success Manager to handles all the tasks to deliver a successful user adoption program

Change Management

For more complex projects we offer a full Change Management services including  change culture requirements, confirming objectives, and preparing your management team and employees.


The Secrets Behind Why Employees Resist Change

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A Project’s Weak Link – User Adoption Errors to Avoid

An IT project is a series of steps linked together in a sequenced chain of events leading to the final business outcomes.  When a link in that chain is broken a project suffers. Identify the business requirements Research available options Design and spec the needs Select the best possible solution Procurement & deployment User Adoption […]

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