Coping with Constant Version Updates

Microsoft, Cisco, and application vendors roll out new functionality enhancements multiple times per year. With so many updates, employees can get overwhelmed trying to re-learn how to use business-critical applications. The result? The value of those enhancements is wasted, and essential applications are underused.

Fivel’s micro-learning cloud-based subscription service solves this problem while supporting IT and training departments who don’t have the capacity to retrain employees with every update.

  1. Your employees easily learn and keep up with new versions/capabilities as they are released.
  2. Your IT staff receive real-time visibility into employee status.
  3. Your Helpdesk calls go down by 10-15%.
  4. You get a solution that is easy to deploy, scalable, affordable, and can support thousands of users at any time.

How do we do it? Fivel tracks employee progress and lets your IT manager know who has, or has not, viewed our training and been quizzed on software updates. Giving employees a great service experience reduces their calls to the help desk.

How it Works

When a software vendor makes a change or releases a new feature, Fivel invites employees to learn about the update. Some updates are minor, while others may contain a new, valuable feature.

Each notification highlights application changes and includes a short video educating employees on the update.

Similar to Fivel’s deployment service, our update service reaches every employee impacted by the change. Our tracking, reminders, and rewards features ensure employees participate and keep current.

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Package Options

Packages are available for product groups or can be tailored for your company’s specific needs.
Packages include software vendors, such as Microsoft, Cisco, and business applications unique to your industry.  Change adoption outcomes with a direct impact on business outcomes for less than a cup of coffee!

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Boost Your IT Department's Effectiveness

When an organization deploys new software it's managed as a project. A deployment plan is created, resources are allocated, and employees receive orientation training.

But what happens when a software vendor issues multiple updates each year? Often, each update is too minor to be a priority for IT and project teams. Employees are expected to navigate the software changes on their own.

To increase adoption, vendors and organizations have gravitated to self-serve portals. Unfortunately, data shows that 85% of employees don't self-learn. Furthermore, 70% of application enhancements are not adopted by users on their own.

Fivel’s unique training and testing solution will increase application and feature adoption within your business. Get started now, and improve your IT department’s effectiveness today.

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