Is User Adoption Hurting Your Business Outcomes?



We’ve created a powerful, yet easy to use solution that answers the problem: “How do I overcome the user  adoption problem?”

You can’t just deploy new technology and walk away.  ROI depends on how quickly and effectively your employees use the new tools or processes in which you have invested.  Without their full engagement, desired business outcomes either fall short or take too long to occur.


We develop all the content so you don’t have to… our learning experts have researched, gathered, sorted, verified and selected content.


Our base content includes a variety of standard software and technology. This includes Cisco’s Spark, WebEx, Microsoft’s and Google's full suite of products.


We provide a purpose-built, cloud based Learning Management tool that is easy to use and simple. No cumbersome navigation or remote-in issues.


The system has a built-in, multi-step retention exercise function that dramatically improves memory recall and measures overall retention of any learned material.

Success Manager

For simple projects we assign a personal Customer Success Manager to handles all the tasks to deliver a successful user adoption program

Change Management

For more complex projects we offer a full Change Management services including  change culture requirements, confirming objectives, and preparing your management team and employees

Mobile Access

Our GetIT mobile app is a fast, convenient way to remember what you've learned. When you forget some details GetIT serves up quick prompts when you need it.


Unique gamification features reward users for their eagerness to complete their learning quickly. Early adopters are recognized as Change Leaders, boosting widespread user engagement.


Stop using slow, expensive, traditional training methods. Science and research prove they're only 20% effective.  People once believed the world was flat.  They were wrong.  Is it time to discover that corporate learning is not a flat. There is a new, smarter way to accelerate business outcomes and a culture of change.

Our brains are designed to forget.  It's referred to in psychology as Memory Decay.  Fivel's solution is designed around memory retention.

Social habits and smartphones have shortened our attention spans. We are keenly aware of the problem which is why our system solves it.

Not enough emphasis is placed on personal motivation.  Our brains create Dopamine (win) or Serotonin (reward) to engage interest.  At Fivel, we know when and how to create the right motivation.

Our customer had 154 locations worldwide with 16 people at each location who needed to know how to operate their facility security access system.  The expense of sending people on location was costly and inefficient.  We reduced our costs by 73%, freeing up our technical staff and provided a solution to the frequent turnover of employees.

David D - Senior Project Manager

Our L&D group was originally created for management development and onboard of new employees.  Over time we have had more requests for product sales and systems training. This overloaded our staff and budget.  Bringing in a supplier who had ready-made content and full deployment services enabled us to control costs and focus on our priorities.

Cynthia S - HR

Our IT department has total control over the success of deployments.  Managing user adoption is much more of a challenge.  Now that we can see who learned to use our applications and who is actively engaged we have seen 22% less help desk calls, happier end-users, and stronger business benefits.

Jack B - CIO


We created a guide to help you understand the science behind effective learning.  It steps you through the processes you need to consider when training employees.


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The rate of change in business has been accelerating.  Innovation is a key driver of this rapid change.  Combine this with the rapid pace of technology. As a result. employees are faced with an increasing volume and rate of change.  Now, more than ever, you need a smarter, more effective way for employees to adapt to change.  Here's why user adoption is important: