We See Change Differently

Embrace Organization Change.
Experience Accelerated User Adoption.

Our Passion

A successful change strategy goes deeper than deployment. 

Measuring employee training and adoption is key to accelerated change adoption cycles.

Get easy implementation, progressive learning and continuous support.

The Importance of Learning in the Workplace

Many companies, managers and industry leaders underestimate the importance of training in the workplace. 

In a 2016 survey, the Training Industry found that the most powerful thing managers have done to support the growth of their employees is to support their ongoing learning and development.

Our Process

With support from our advisory board, we have developed the right balance of Service, Content, and Adoption strategies in order to deliver faster learning on a variety of topics.

By applying current research on Memory Decay, Social Behaviors, and Motivation, we are able to tap into the natural learning process of the human brain to positively affect and influence the training process.



 "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Tao Tzu

Company Process

1. Account Setup:

- Fivel Account Manager Assigned

- Employee (User) Accounts Activated

2. Manage Services:

- Reports and Metrics on User Engagement

- Continuous Support

User Experience

1. Fivel Introduction

- Welcome Email

- Introduce Modules + Expectations

2. User Experience

- Complete Module

- Retention Activity One

- Retention Activity Two

- Retention Activity Three

3. User Engagement Tracked Real-Time

4. Automated User Reminders