Accelerate Business Success

Accelerated Change Adoption is the best and ONLY way to be a successful leader in any industry. 
In today’s world, your ability to remain agile and innovative will govern your success as a competitor.
CEO’s and Executives rate the slow execution of change and user adoption as their greatest frustration.

Insights on Accelerated Adoption

Discover the sciences and methods behind the corporate learning system.
Understand how to improve your training and development process.
Learn what three aspects should be the core of your next training investment

Employee development is more than simple training

The human brain and its functions

Wasted Corporate Education

Employees experience an 80-90% loss of information only 10 days after taking a training course.

Without a proper method of ensuring that the brain builds memories on new technologies, processed and skills, the brain is quick to forget the lessons you’ve invested in.

Fivel brings training to the next level.

Next-Level Training

Our focus is on ensuring that your investment is not only cost-effective but that our services deliver long-term recall of new training information.

By engaging your employees in short task-based learning sessions, multiple areas in the brain are activated. This activation strengthens new memories.

Our solution focuses on the recall of information. We strengthen habits by encouraging the brain to revisit the training.

Just a few of our many Customers and Partners

Part of the solution I sell includes Jabber yet I discovered a new, key feature from Fivel’s Learning Moments for which I was not aware.  Thanks!

– Cisco Account Rep, USA

As a Product expert for Yammer I advise clients on how to use and leverage Yammer in their organizations.  I was surprised to find that Fivel’s Yammer content taught me how to use the search feature more effectively.

– Microsoft Product Team Expert
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