Fivel delivers a comprehensive solution to digital adoption that steps employees through the transition process. Leveraging both science and innovation, Fivel has accelerated user engagement time by 50%



We develop all content. Our certified teaching experts design and build all videos and retention exercises based on the latest learning research and science.

We deliver short, 5-minute Micro-Learning Videos (microlearning) right to the desktop or mobile. We ensure your employees have a convenient, rewarding and positive experience, enabling them to adopt new skills easily and quickly.


Simple, cloud-based delivery

We provide a cloud-based Learning Retention platform that is easy to understand, simple to use and quick to navigate.  Log in anywhere, at any time. We support single sign-in using Microsoft Active Directory.

Knowledge retention

Human brains are designed to forget. Our built-in, multi-step memory retention process overcomes this.  Our system drives long-term memory retention with a sequenced delivery of practice exercises. Our platform rewards employees upon the successful completion of their tasks with instant results.

Progress Tracking

Traditional learning only tracks training events. Our reporting lets you know who and when people have: 1) consumed the knowledge; 2) retained the knowledge and; 3) applied the knowledge. Real-time reporting and analytics give unparalleled insight into employee progress. Find out exactly who has adopted your solution and who needs additional support.

Learning when you need it

All Learning Moments are available online, 24/7 and in mobile environments.  Employees access instructions in seconds – at home or at work – to help them navigate the systems or tools they are using in the moment.


Customer Success Manager

For simple projects we assign a personal Customer Success Manager who handles all the tasks to deliver a successful user adoption program:

  • Prepare and schedule project roll-outs to specific goals
  • Create and deliver corporate introductory launch communications
  • Carefully crafted employee invitations and reminders
  • Regular status reports to staying top of progress

Change Manager

For  complex projects, we offer a full range of Change Management services

  • Assess change culture requirements of your company
  • Confirm business objectives and milestones
  • Inform and prepare your management team and employees
  • Execute tasks of the Customer Success Manager (above)
  • Manage the unexpected


Wireless Proximity Detection

Our Wireless Proximity Detection delivers instant instructions when you need help. Our GetIT mobile app is a fast, convenient aid for using conference software, video, printers and more. If you forget some details GetIT serves up quick prompts where and when you need it. When new features are released GetIT automatically updates the content so you always have the most current instructions.

Engagement Incentives

Fivel incorporates unique gamification features based on our proprietary algorithm. Users are recognized based on their eagerness to complete Learning Exercises quickly. Early adopters stand out and are recognized as Change Leaders, Champions or Agents, boosting widespread user engagement. You get to know who is contributing to the transformation of your business.


We've made it simple

When it comes to delivery, Fivel manages the detailed tasks so you can focus on strategy.

No upfront commitments, no infrastructure needs, no investment required.