Selecting the right technology, and choosing the right partner who can deliver and support your infrastructure, has always been important. Increasingly, customers are embracing Digital Transformation, IoT, and Collaboration Software as part of the changing technology and business landscapes.

That changing landscape challenges your employee's ability to adapt and adopt.

We recognize this changing need. Our comprehensive suite of Digital Adoption Services help your employees achieve the business outcomes you expect, when you expect them.

Our services make it easy for you to support your employees during the deployment of new technologies or software. And employees can stay up to date with access to updated content as vendors release new features.

Digital adoption is important for new projects but can also improve outcomes for technologies you’ve already deployed.

Knowledge Retention:

Human brains are designed to forget. Our multi-step memory retention process overcomes that. Our system strengthens long-term memory retention with a sequenced delivery of practice exercises, a critical step often overlooked in user adoption.

Mobile Access:

Tap & Learn technology delivers instant information. Our GetIT mobile is a fast, convenient aid for accessing instructions for conference software, video equipment, collaboration tools, and more.  We know people forget so, GetIT serves up quick prompts where and when they need it.


Our cloud-based Learning Portal is easy to understand, simple for employees to access, and quick to navigate.  Log in anywhere, at any time. The scheduling component notifies and reminds users to participate.

Micro-learning Content:

Our ever-expanding video library includes Cisco, Microsoft & Google collaboration products. It's been designed by qualified psychologists and learning experts.  Need custom content?  Our team creates videos for your unique business needs.  Feature releases are delivered to users as they occur throughout the year.

Progress Tracking:

Traditional learning solutions only track training events. Find out exactly who has adopted your solution, and who needs additional support.
Our reporting lets you know who, and when people have:

  1. consumed the knowledge;
  2. retained the knowledge and;
  3. applied the knowledge.
Participation Rewards:

We've incorporated a unique reward function that uses a proprietary algorithm to create user engagement and support your culture of change. Users are recognized based on their eagerness to engage.  You can also choose to use the prize system as an incentive for participation.

Change Management Services:

For simple projects a Customer Success Manager is assigned to coordinate a successful user adoption rollout.  For more complex projects, we offer a full range of Change Management service to assess and modify your company's learning culture.

Mobile Access
Fivel's NFC tags or QR Codes can be placed where you need reminders.
Fivel's GetIT mobile app reads the QR code or NFC tag and retrieves information you need.
Progress Tracking
Comprehensive and flexible reports are available.