Microlearning, Spaced Repetition, Gamification

 1. Microlearning

What we do:
  • Deliver information: 5 concepts in 5 minutes or less
  • Short bursts of video learning on essential skills, delivered to user's desktop
Why it works:
  • Matches brain attention span of 3-7 minutes(1)
  • 50% less expensive to deliver  than traditional training(2)
  • High loyalty from learners (Typical LMS: up to 83% drop off; Micro learning: 75% engagement)(2)

 2. Spaced Repetition

What we do:
  • We have designed a custom series of practice exercises, the "Retention Pathway"
    • 4 Phases of  exercises at Day 0, 2, 7, and 14, based on Bloom's Taxonomy(3).
  • The Retention Pathway is designed to activate long term memory by using different depths of knowledge testing:
    • Rehearse (reviewing main concepts)
    • Solve (applying concepts to realistic hypothetical situations)
    • Build (creating a multi-step response synthesizing all previous knowledge pieces, to a complex problem-based scenario)
    • Reflect (understanding how new learning now affects tasks at work)
Why it works:
  • Spaced Practice:
    • cuts learning time by 50%(4)
    • makes learners remember skills for years(5)
    • links new skills right away to work tasks, directly affecting business outcomes(6)(7)

 3. Gamification

What we do:
  • We incorporate the gamification elements(8) of Learner Autonomy, Social Learning, Instant Feedback and Social Reward with:
    • Individual learner programs "My Learning Path": Learner Autonomy (Self directed pace)
    • Peer insights submitted to group page for comments: Social learning
    • Instant results on exercises questions: Instant Feedback (real time scoring)
    • Badges offered to early adopters for completing learning: Social Reward (ranking performance)
Why it works: 
  • The more ‘fun’ learners have, the more they remember(9)
  • The more learners engage with others, emotional connection leads to deeper memory(9)
  • Gamified learning = 50% higher retention(10)