Shortening new hire on-board wait times from 3 months to on-demand. Get your team performing right away!

As a large national communications corporation, Rogers relies on sales staff that are up to date on their latest products and able to track sales and customers using internal software.

Lost revenue with new hires?

One of the biggest challenges for Rogers is managing the onboarding process for new sales employees. Sales staff are hired throughout the year. Unfortunately, training is only offered once every 3 months. Rogers needed on-demand, customized corporate training for their sales process, products, and internal software to get their new sales staff up and running as soon as possible. Trying to schedule blocks of time for traditional training meant lost sales revenue while new hires waited for the next course.

On-demand employee onboarding: low cost and more effective!

Fivel designed a unique solution to offer on-demand, customized training at a low cost with more effective techniques than traditional classroom courses. Rather than making new hires wait 3 months for a classroom solution, Fivel equipped them right away with the essential sales skills, product features, and software skills in a short series of 5-minute micro-learning videos. Each video was designed to highlight essential skills, with a clever combination of animation, zoom-ins, eye-tracking movement and reflective questioning to deepen learning.

The Fivel solution: maximize your corporate ROI

3 month wait times were costing Rogers employee productivity. With Fivel, new hires got an orientation to the corporate sales strategy right away. Fivel’s custom content of micro-learning videos with embedded retention questions equipped the team to start bringing in revenue 3 months sooner. Talk about maximizing your ROI for corporate learning!