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AJ Oster was looking for an efficient and effective way to keep its employees up-to-date on the technology they use every day. Past attempts at training were challenging due to the dispersed geographic location of offices, multilingual staff, lack of time, and keeping staff engaged in a learning program. AJO partnered with Fivel, deploying simplified and effective technology skills training focused on Windows OS and MS Office Apps like Excel, Word, and Outlook.

Our employees immediately felt the positive impact of the training and as a result, we noticed an increase in employee productivity. Fivel’s Learning Moments are providing our employees with relevant information in a

fun and engaging way. What I personally value is Fivel’s focus on retention and adoption of the material presented. Their ability to reinforce what was learned through their multiple test-outs is a key advantage we see in using their solution. Our employees now have a better understanding of the technologies they are using, which is key. Also, as an HR Director, having a dedicated Fivel Learning Moment Coordinator is a great addition to my team!” -- Susan Deberardis, HR Director. A.J. Oster