Fivel Partner - Marketing & Sales Tools Inventory

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Fivel Introduction Video

A short video explaining to the customer what their users will experience.  It can also be issued to new users to explain their adoption experience when they are part of a learning campaign.

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Fivel Solution Overview

This brochure provides a brief overview of the service, deliverables, and benefits. It's a print-format version of our website content that can be used as takeaway information.

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Learning Moment Previews

Sample content Learning Moments (videos) that open in the Fivel player portal window demonstrating the quality of content and friendly player navigation.  At the end of the Learning Moment, the first memory retention exercise will be displayed.

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Sample Executive Sponsor Video

In large projects, participation improves when employees understand why a change is important.   This is a sample of what customers can/should do as part of their project.

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Science Behind our Methodology

Short blogs describing the science behind how people learn.  Give one or more of these blogs to your customer early in the sales process. Invite them to share them with managers or others in their company

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Fivel Adoption Process Presentation

A walk through of the end user experience showing the emails they receive inviting them to the portal player and follow-on retention exercise window.  Shows the prospective customer the whole process, including the email invitations and portal player interaction.

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Scope of Work (SOW) Proposal Template

Use this template to cut & paste parts into your proposal.  Pricing grid displays all of our services.  Select just the grid items you need or include them all. List the price as $0 or N/A on items not being quoted (customer can see what they are missing).

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Email Templates

We recommended that emails be sent to out as part of the communication launch to announce the training initiative. These documents contain sample content that you can use or customize to suit.

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