The Secrets Behind Why Employees Resist Change

Many of today’s business articles repeatedly tell us that change is happening at an ever-increasing speed.  Innovation, a key driver of change, is an essential requirement for any business to stay competitive.  Not surprisingly, CEOs proclaim that their most important role is to invoke change in their organization. We are also reminded that the rate […]

Surprised young business woman and handsome young businessman

The Accidental Learner

What is Accidental Learning? This is when accidental learning begins. We have all experienced it.  You’re working with a colleague whose split screen view of Outlook you have never seen before and say. “How convenient!”.  You suddenly realize you have been needlessly frustrated for months. Your colleague’s instruction was a great resource but unfortunately, the […]

Jump Gap Skills

The Technology Adoption Gap Is Real! — The Numbers Behind The Claims

Although there can be countless adoption gaps found throughout your company’s various department, it is most evident whenever technology is involved. You might not realize, but each employee (including yourself) interacts with an average of 10 different technologies every day and are subjected to 30+ company changes every year. This gets overwhelming and fosters resistance to change, […]

Technology Adoption Frog

Are you a Boiled Frog?

Over the years, technology has become increasingly advanced and complex. Remember when our cell phones used to “just dial phone numbers” or our office phone systems “just transferred calls”. Now just one piece of technology does everything that 10 pieces used to do! The issue is that technology has slowly crept up on people over the years to boiling point. The result is that most people only know the basics of all their technology and use it to survive, not thrive.