Coping with Constant Version Updates

Microsoft, Cisco, and application vendors roll out new functionality enhancements multiple times a year. The problem is end users get overwhelmed and so the added value of those enhancements is wasted.  IT and training departments don't often have the capacity to create new content and retrain users every few months.

Fivel’s micro-learning cloud-based subscription service is designed to solve this very problem.

  1. End users easily learn and keep up with new versions/capabilities as they are released.
  2. Real-time visibility into which users are keeping up and which ones need help.
  3. Helpdesk calls go down by 10-15%
  4. A solution that is easy to deploy, scalable & affordable, supporting thousands of users at any given time

By tracking views & quizzes, we let the IT manager know who has or hasn't been updated. In addition to giving employees a great service experience, it also reduces their need to call the help desk.


How it works:

When a software vendor releases a new version of their product, your employees will receive a notification of the change.  Some changes are minor user interface modifications while others may be a new, valuable feature.

Each notification highlights what has changed and directs them to a short video that teaches them what they need to know to understand and adapt to the new interface or feature.

Similar to our deployment service, the update service reaches every employee impacted by the change.  All the features of tracking, reminders, and rewards are used to ensure that employees participate and keep current.


Packages & Pricing

Packages are available in product groupings or tailored to reflect your unique environment.  Packages include both common software products such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Google as well as business applications specific to a particular industry or workgroup solution.

Enterprise pricing is available as a per-user subscription or site license. Pricing for SMB customers starts at only $250/month.


Image – Agile Learning Packages Dec 2018
office 365
image – Agile Learning Pricing Tiers Dec 2018

Boost I.T. Department Effectiveness

When an organization deploys new software it's managed as a project.  A rollout plan is created, resources are allocated and end-users receive orientation training.

What happens when a software vendor issues multiple updates throughout the year?  Each event is considered small so the view is taken that no deployment is needed as it all happened "in the Cloud".   Meanwhile, project teams have moved on to other, priority projects. Users are expected to figure out the changes on their own.

Vendors and organizations have gravitated to self-serve portals because they are convenient for them. Unfortunately, history shows us that 85% of users don't self learn.  Software vendors also know that 70% of improved features are not adopted by users on their own.

Application vendors describe experiences where existing employees have taught new employees old ways of creating a transaction that had been replaced by a more streamlined approach 11 months prior.


Fivel – Webex LM in Progress


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