Fivel GetIT Mobile Mobile Access 

Imagine having fast access to instructions for conference room systems, Cisco WebEx, printers, or even door security panels (basically anything). Fivel’s GetIT beacons* and NFC** tags enable your mobile device to display an exact menu of key features for any device.
Fivel’s GetIT takes this service to the next level.
GetIT serves up instructions when you most need them. Here is why it works: when we learn something new it’s in our memory. But we may need a jog to recall that memory. Have you ever met someone but forgot their name? You ask a colleague, and they recall the person’s first name. You instantly recall their last name. That is why GetIT works so well.

GetIT for Retail

Fivel’s GetIT is also great for retail sales. With high turnover and multiple brands to support, it’s challenging to keep retail staff current.
With GetIT, reps simply swipe their smartphone at a GetIT tag located close to the product display. Instantly, key customer qualifying questions or a list of core product benefits to help the rep close more sales, sooner, are displayed on their device.
Better yet, GetIT can be updated remotely as your content changes.

Field Sales

Fivel’s GetIT works for people in the field. Keeping sales reps on top of new product releases and updates can be difficult. With our NFC tags or simple, searchable menu, sales reps can review and prepare key talking points just before a customer meeting.  
Selling through agents, brokers or channel partners creates a unique challenge for companies.  How can you instill your sales messaging to people who don't work directly for you?   
GetIT gives you the power to extend the right messaging to your customers regardless of what sales channel you use. 

Field Technicians

When GetIT tags are attached to equipment or their enclosures, field technicians can easily receive important technical bulletins or safety instructions right before performing the work.  Avoid the need to sort through stacks of printed bulletins or outdated notices.  
Reviewing instructions at a job site eliminates the chance your employee or contractor forgets key information they read earlier in the morning at the shop.