Why Training/ Learning Companies are Not Enough!

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Although we occasionally use the “learning” and “training” terminology, we are NOT a TRAINING/LEARNING company… and it all has to do with a bike.

Did I just confuse you? Well, here’s the thing…

We’re not here to train your employees on the ins and out of a new software or process. Instead, our GOAL and MISSION is to ensure that your employees  RETAIN the essential information of the implemented change, driving  FASTER adoption, FASTER information recall and a FASTER realization of your investments.

So – how is that different than “Training” and “Learning”?

Typically, training and learning providers instruct the users on all available information about the product, solution or process over a period of time, then leave. The “hope” is that your employees took notes and will remember the essential information weeks, months and years down the road.

Memory Decay and the Forgetting Curve, however, show that this is nearly impossible. Without continuous, sequenced support and recall, the employee is likely to forget 80-90% of the information in less than 2 weeks.

Adding to this, the training could have been anywhere from 1 hour of information to 5 or more days of in-class training. They could also be quite busy with ongoing and daily, reactive tasks, upcoming projects and presentations, and personal concerns. All of these play a factor in the retention of the new information.

Without proper recall activities, your investment in “change” is being wasted.

It’s like learning to ride a Bike…

Learning to ride a bike is similar. When you learn, all you need to know is how the handlebars steer, the pedals propel, and your body balances.

If you went to training for a bike, however, they would probably spend 1 hour up to a day teaching you about the design, the sections, and all the parts. They might talk about the make-up and materials and even dive into the gears.

At some point, they might talk about how to ride the bike, but with all the other information, it’s hard to remember and recall what they said… perhaps you focused on taking notes about the gears.

What you need is someone to help you. Someone that stands by your side every day and tells you “the peddles are to propel you, steer with your handles, and move fast to keep your balance.”  These are the “essential insights” and the keys to your successful utilization of the product. They then test your knowledge by having you practice over and over while giving you less and less direction.

This is what we do, all built into an easy-to-use platform that’s automated, cost effective and focused to drive your corporate success through the retention of essential information for the products and processes you invest in.


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