The Technology Adoption Gap Is Real! — The Numbers Behind The Claims

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Although there can be countless adoption gaps found throughout your company’s various department, it is most evident whenever technology is involved. You might not realize, but each employee (including yourself) interacts with an average of 10 different technologies every day and are subjected to 30+ company changes every year. This gets overwhelming and fosters resistance to change, […]

Making it Stick: How to apply “The Science of Successful Learning” to the workplace!

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“People generally are going about learning in the wrong ways.” State Peter C Brown, Henry L. Roediger III and Mark A. McDaniel, authors of Make It Stick. “But there’s a catch: the most effective learning strategies are not intuitive.” After Roediger and McDanirl, along with a team of 9 others, won an award for “Applying Cognitive […]

The Next Generation of LMS Training – Learning Retention Systems (LRS)

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Modern Learners are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. They are untethered, on-demand, collaborative and empowered. What does this mean for your employees? First and foremost, this means that your employees need shorter learnings that work within their busy schedule and focus on long-term recall for better outcomes and realization of profits. Traditional Training was prominent in the Industrial […]

Why Training/ Learning Companies are Not Enough!

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Although we occasionally use the “learning” and “training” terminology, we are NOT a TRAINING/LEARNING company… and it all has to do with a bike. Did I just confuse you? Well, here’s the thing… We’re not here to train your employees on the ins and out of a new software or process. Instead, our GOAL and […]

Three Ways to get (effective) Skills Retention into the Workplace

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A common question that we ask ourselves in the Corporate Training realm is “How do you know your training is effective??” The  ATD State of Industry Report showed that in 2013, respondents: Spent over $1200 per employee on training, Learning hours per employee increased to 31.5hours Average cost per employee per hour is $74 63% of spending […]

3 Types of Training (Corporate Learning) Techniques

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On average, Employees are subjected to 30+ changes per year. Some of these changed are digital (program upgrades, new software, etc), and some are to processes or procedures (forms updates, new steps for customer support, etc). Some changes are “top of mind”, strategic changes for company advancement, or Tactical/Supporting changes that are low on the radar, […]

Featured Learning Moments – Nov 2015

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We’ve been working hard to make sure that you have the Learnings that you need to success and revitalize your daily work life. Here are only a few of the Learning Moments that we’ve recently completed. Enjoy! – Your Learning Moment Coordinators     Is your Company transitioning to Google’s Gmail or Drive to encourage collaboration […]

Featured Learning: Living in Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is a new, innovative and integrated cloud-based service that allows users to gain access to their documents anywhere and at anytime. As more on-site employees turning into remote workers, and utilizing an average of 3 devices to get their job done, companies are transitioning away from the traditional software and towards cloud-services that offer […]